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Second Witness Recants Testimony in C-Murder’s Homicide Case

c-murder witness recants testimony
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Second Witness Recants Testimony in C-Murder’s Homicide Case

A second witness in Cory “C-Murder” Miller’s homicide case has recanted testimony identifying him as the gunman in a 2002 nightclub shooting that resulted in the death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. reports that Darnell Jordan sent a handwritten letter to the 24th Judicial District on Monday (July 2) that alleges the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office “tricked” him into identifying Miller as the shooter.

Jordan, who worked as a bouncer at the now-closed Platinum Club, says authorities arrested and detained him as a material witness until he agreed to testify in Miller’s original 2003 trial, which resulted in a retrial, and in his 2009 trial, which ended with Miller’s life sentence.

“I am certain that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas,” Jordan said in a hand-written letter. “I was scared of them.”

The report comes less than a week after the other witness in the 2009 trial, Kenneth Jordan (no relation to Darnell Jordan), also recanted his testimony. Kenneth Jordan accuses detectives and prosecutors of knowingly forcing him to make false statements by threatening him with criminal charges in another matter, reports

When Miller found out that Jordan recanted his testimony, he spoke from prison over the phone with WDSU. “I want him to know I’m not upset with him. I’m proud of him. And me and my family, and my daughters. My daughters, we thank him. For real. This is a life-changing moment,” he said.

“I’m not gonna lie. These last 16 years have been a definite struggle. I’ve been snatched away from my family, separated from my kids, from my career, everything. And I just want it back. My heart hasn’t smiled since I’ve been locked up for 16 years, and I just want them to know that my heart is smiling,” Miller continued.

Miller’s attorney Paul Baker filed an amended memorandum on Monday (July 2), petitioning the court to vacate the conviction and order a new trial.

“Mr. Miller is indeed innocent of the murder for which he has been convicted, and it is high time that this illegal conviction and sentence be reversed and vacated,” Barker wrote.

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