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GTA VI Dropping Next Year, According to In-Game Alert



GTA VI Dropping Next Year, According to In-Game Alert

An unexpected message has suddenly appeared in GTA Online over the past few days, and it simply says “GTA VI Coming 2019.” While players have speculated about the release for a quite some time now, this source is perhaps one of the last places that many expected to see such an announcement. Could GTA 6 really be launching so soon?

According to GamesRadar, the message in question has surprised many GTA Online players, who have taken to the GTA Online forums to find out if there’s any truth to it. The popup appears as a “Rockstar Message” as well, leading some to question whether this is just an unexpected marketing tactic, a slipup on Rockstar’s part, or just some modder playing with our emotions.

Suggestions that a hacker is behind the message were reinforced by the fact that it has only appeared on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Those are the only platforms on which modding is available.

Rockstar, of course, hasn’t confirmed anything about GTA VI dropping next year, and with the massive hype surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2, it would probably be a good idea to delay the eventual reveal of GTA 6, even if it could be releasing in 2019.

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