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Orlando Brown to Sue Bounty Hunter Who Called Him a “F*cking N*gger” During Arrest

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Orlando Brown to Sue Bounty Hunter Who Called Him a “F*cking N*gger” During Arrest

Former “That’s So Raven” star Orlando Brown opened up about the intense video in which he is seen being apprehended by Las Vegas bounty hunters. Brown says the entire ordeal has left him traumatized and he plans on suing the men who arrested him.

“The cuffs hurt. The derogative word definitely hurt,” Brown said. “What they do is they poke at you until you break. We all know what he did and what they did…but it’s not even about that. It’s just about the positive energy of knowing that when you do go through something traumatic or whatever the case may be…disrespectful to you…you gotta go about the delicate way. If it happens for no reason that’s when you really get blessed. With that said, I know compensation will be well but it’s not about compensation. It’s about they can’t do that.”

Brown added, “they [bounty hunters] have more right to kill us other than the police. I’m sitting there going through what I’m going through but at the same time, I knew not to make anything worse. It’s a time and place for everything and I know that wasn’t the place nor time because my life was at stake.”

In the clip first posted by TMZ, the Bounty Hunters are seen raiding a Las Vegas home where Brown was staying despite being denied entry by the homeowner. The men went upstairs where they found Brown hiding in his underwear in a bedroom closet.

One of the hunters also called him a “f*cking n*gger” during the arrest. See the video below. The remark by the bounty hunter can be heard at 2:39.

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