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Memphis Store Clerk Murders 17-Year-OId Over Beer


Memphis Store Clerk Murders 17-Year-OId Over Beer

A teenager in Memphis was murdered on Thursday (March 29) by a store clerk who believed he stole a can of beer.

WREG reports, Top Stop Shop clerk Anwar Ghazi chased 17-year-old Dorian Harris after he allegedly stole a beer from the convenience store then shot him from behind. The teen was found dead two days later next to a woman’s home. According to a witness, Ghazali walked back into the store after the shooting and said, “I think I shot him.”

“He didn’t have to kill him, you know?” the witness told the outlet.

Police spokesman Louis Brownlee said the shooting was captured on camera and Harris wasn’t reported missing.

“The victim/suspect stole a beer and goes out of the store. The suspect tries to stop him. Shoots at him. Hits him once. He doesn’t officially know that he hit him. Yesterday, a female comes home, sees a person lying next to the home. Calls police.” He also added, “We don’t want people to steal from businesses. We also don’t want people hunting suspects down and shooting them. If he’s not giving direct, imminent danger to you, leave it be. Call the cops. Let us figure it out.”

Ghazali is charged with first-degree murder after admitting to police he shot at the teen several times. He will face a judge Monday morning.

We send our condolences to the friends and family of Dorian Harris.

Associate Editor, All Black Media


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