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Memphis Pastor Responds To Backlash Over IG Photo With Woman: “I’m A Man…I Like P***y”


Memphis Pastor Responds To Backlash Over IG Photo With Woman: “I’m A Man…I Like P***y”

Controversial Memphis pastor Thaddeus Matthews is well known for his unorthodox method of delivering the word and now he’s speaking out about the recent judgment he received from a picture of him laying his head on a woman’s breast.

One of my fans, “Cookie” dropped by to meet me and get a hug.

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Mathews says the woman is an admirer of his and he took to Instagram to set the record straight.

“When did so call straight men start having a problem with a man laying his head on some t*tties?,” he asked. “A pastor is just a man no more no less but in the traditional church you have been taught that the pastor is not suppose to be manly which is the reason most of them are sneaking around. I’m glad when I see a man doing what a man is suppose to do in admiring and having desire for a woman. Some are you fake ass church folk are so@heavenly until you are no earthly good.”

In the photo, the woman, identified as a fan named “Cookie,” appears to have no issue with the pastor getting cozy on her bosoms. However, that didn’t stop Mathews from clapping back at his critics.

“I think some of you men have a problem with one of my fans dropping by my office and I’m laying my head on her t*tties. When did men start having problems with another man laying his head on some t*tties. I’m a man, I’m a pastor yes. If your pastor does not admire a beautiful woman, he must admire a beautiful man.”’

“Please understand that pastors are men too. And you need to understand when I’m on this page it’s all about business, it’s all about marketing, it’s all about branding. It ain’t all about the church! I am a pastor who happens to be a television talk show host. So, I don’t give a F*** what you think! I like p****, I like women and I’m gonna keep on like it! And if you ain’t getting none, try to get some. You might like it!”

Mathews leads Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries. He also has his own gospel talk show. In 2016, he was arrested for harassment after posting a guest’s nude photos on his social media accounts, according to WMAC-TV.

See Matthews response to his critics below.

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