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Sharing Viral Video of Minor Engaged in Sex Act is a Felony Offense and You Could Go to Jail


Sharing Viral Video of Minor Engaged in Sex Act is a Felony Offense and You Could Go to Jail

A disturbing video showing a black female minor engaged in a sex act with an adult black male is circulating on social media, and if you’ve shared it then you may have unintentionally committed a felony offense.

Law Enforcement says people are sharing the video online in hopes of helping authorities catch the perpetrator and get the child help, but according to Tony Garrett with Central Alabama CrimeStoppers sharing the video is doing way more harm than good.

“If you saved it, if you posted it to your page, if you sent it to someone else,” Tim Gann, Madison County Chief Trial Attorney explained, “you’re disseminating child porn and that’s a felony. If you are in possession of it, no matter your good intentions, that is also a felony. So, in this case, it’s very disturbing that people feel like it’s ok to post something awful happening to a child on social media.”

WHNT reports that the FBI and federal prosecutors are thoroughly investigating the case. It’s unclear who the people are in the video, but a post from Colorado Springs Police says the minor was “located and is safe.”

“There’s no need to repost this video,” said Gann. “Law enforcement are doing their jobs. They are investigating. They are doing their best to identify the parties. There is no need for social media to be involved.”

Garret at Central Alabama CrimeStoppers said if you see the video anywhere report it to your social media platform and law enforcement.

“When something goes viral investigators have to track all that down,” Gann said. “They need to see who’s posting what and where it came from. It’s an unbelievable task you’re asking them to do just by posting. They need to be doing real work and putting people in prison for making these videos. But unfortunately, because of the way it’s being scattered out, their focus is being separated.”

Anyone with information relevant to this investigation is asked to contact CrimeStoppers at 334-215-STOP, or the Alabama Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, 334-353-1224.”

(Source: WHNT)

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