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Los Angeles Man Expresses Peace Through T-Shirt Unifying Bloods & Crips


Los Angeles Man Expresses Peace Through T-Shirt Unifying Bloods & Crips

Although the gang culture in Los Angeles, California is still prevalent, one man is seeking to bring peace for the betterment of black communities in the area.

LA native Marquise didn’t grow up gang banging but he was well aware of the gangs that were active in his community. While speaking with StreetGangs‘ Alex Alonso, he went into detail about the South Central Unified movement he founded to help rival gangs put aside their differences and work together.

“I ain’t saying we gotta hold hands and sing kumbaya because I know that’s not realistic, but at the end of the day….living in the system that we live in, you know, white supremacy and all this institutional racism, it’s not smart for us to be fighting each other,” Marquise said. 

After graduating college, he came up with an idea for a t-shirt that represents unity among rivals gang, specifically the Crips and Bloods.

“The police is out here harassing us. We getting shot down…police ain’t getting no time for it. We living in poverty. Our educational system is failing us. There are no job opportunities out here and we making it worse fighting each other,” he said.

“There are no positive benefits to gang banging.”

When asked if he was ever tempted to join a gang Marquise said that his mother “shut that down real quick.”

See the full interview above. If you’re interested in purchasing a South Central Unified t-shirt click here.

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