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Eric B. And Rakim Says We’re Witnessing The Devolution Of Rap Music


Eric B. And Rakim Says We’re Witnessing The Devolution Of Rap Music

Legendary rap-DJ duo Eric B. and Rakim are not too fond of the current state of hip-hop. The pioneers let their feelings be known in a couple of tweets Monday condemning the current rap zeitgeist.

“You are now witnessing the devolution of rap music,” wrote the duo from their joint-Twitter account. “The death of poetry and smoothness, they use this. The absence of a message. The inability to create meaningful change through words and verses, but the worse is, they don’t even know they hurt this artful purpose, it’s tragic.”

In a second tweet, the account indicates that knowing the difference between rap and hip-hop is crucial in understanding what they’re saying.

“You need to look real close at this previous tweet that’s reached almost 1 million people already and see what you read,” reads their tweet. “It says “rap” not “hip hop.” If you don’t know the difference, you can’t make a difference. #KNOWtheLEDGE.”

The two later spoke on the importance of making unique music that doesn’t sound repetitive.

“When the magic is gone and the rhythm don’t hit like a gong; when the ledge is unknown and the samples is wrong…there’s no strength in a song, if they all sound the same. There’s no harmony in a melody, if you just playing the game…play that chord <sustain>”

Read Eric B. and Rakim’s tweets below.

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