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LiAngelo Ball Details Shoplifting Incident, Withdrawal From UCLA


LiAngelo Ball Details Shoplifting Incident, Withdrawal From UCLA

LiAngelo Ball spoke publicly about his arrest in China for the first time on Tuesday (Dec. 5). The 19-year-old appeared on the Today show next to his father, LaVar, for an in-depth interview about how he ended up in a foreign jail with two of his former UCLA teammates.

“We all went out one night, went through the mall, went to the Louis Vuitton store, and people started taking stuff and me just not thinking and being with them, I took something, too,” LiAngelo said. “We left thinking we’d just get away. You know how kids think. I didn’t realize until I got back to my hotel, I’m like, ‘That was stupid.’ But by then, it was too late, and then sure enough, the next morning, the police came and got us.”

LiAngelo said the trio spent a night jail under conditions he described as “horrible.”

“They take your clothes. Your wear whatever they have for you…they take your shoe strings,” he said. “It’s just you and all the officers and they don’t speak English.”

LiAngelo then explained why he decided to withdraw from UCLA just weeks after the school announced his three-month suspension.

“That’s the whole season pretty much. That’s just a long time of doing nothing, I rather be playing.”

LaVar then jumped in adding:

“China already said, ‘OK, he made a mistake, we’re gonna drop the charges.’ That’s the punishment they gave him. Now we over here, and we gotta serve some more punishment?” He already fessed up for what he did. He apologized. What is the long process for? We only went to UCLA—one and done—to play basketball.”

Check out the entire interview above.

LaVar also appeared on CNN Tuesday morning where he spoke about sending Donald Trump a pair of Big Baller Brand shoes.

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