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T.I. Sounds Off About Slave Trade in Libya: ‘Gaddafi’s Absence Made This Possible’

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T.I. Sounds Off About Slave Trade in Libya: ‘Gaddafi’s Absence Made This Possible’

There are currently over 30,000 African migrants being held in Libya often in enslaved conditions. A recent video published by a CNN investigative team showed that modern-day slave auctions are being conducted in the country with some migrants being sold for little as $400.

The Libyan government said it has launched an investigation into the matter but since some of these slave auctions are being held on GNA (Government of National Accord) soil, many of wondering if there’s any truth to it.

In 2011, the Obama administration authorized military intervention in Libya, which resulted in the destabilization of its government and the death of its leader Muammar-al Gaddafi. Some would say Gaddafi’s death opened the doors for Libya’s current state, including rapper T.I. who took to social media to vent his frustration.

“So… I’m wondering if Khadafi [Gaddafi] was such a horrible dictator why wasn’t this happening when HE WAS in power?” TIP says. “One has no choice but to conclude his absence made this possible.”

Obama said in a Fox News interview last year that his “worst mistake” during his presidency was “probably failing to plan for the day after” intervening in Libya. He concluded the interview by admitting the intervention didn’t work.

Since Gaddafi’s downfall, Libya has descended into near-anarchy and is now ruled by rival militias vying for power.

“This is PURE EVIL!!!!! I’m LIVID!!!!, T.I. continued. “Satin is BUSY as a muuufucka. Spiritual Warfare in full effect. What side u on? Fight Back… Repost!!!! For more info just google “slave trade in Libya”

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