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Man Who Won $52M Lottery Plans To Rebuild Historic Black Community

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Man Who Won $52M Lottery Plans To Rebuild Historic Black Community

Miguel Pilgram struck gold after winning a $52 million dollar lottery in 2010, and now, he’s preparing to invest some of his winnings in Fort Lauderdale’s oldest black community, Sistrunk Boulevard.

As Black Enterprise reports, Pilgram has invested in various properties across South Florida by way of his own real estate company The Pilgram Group. The 48-year-old father of two took a particular interest in Sistruck seeing as how it was once known as a thriving Main Street for African Americans. The boulevard is now riddled with trash, vacant lots, and empty buildings.

“I was raised in a similar environment,” Pilgram told the Sun-Sentinel. “There is a need, and in my mind, an obligation, to invest there.”

Sistrunk Boulevard is named after James Sistrunk, a black physician who was a major contributor to the first African American hospital in Broward County in 1938. During this time, the boulevard was vibrant and served as a place of merriment for blacks who couldn’t go east of the tracks due to banishment from segregation laws. After segregation, Sistrunk spiraled into what it has become today.

“For me, it’s [about] preserving the community as a whole,” Pilgram said. “Sistrunk has had these things before. They were the plethora for business.”

Read more at Black Enterprise or NBC News.

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