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Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Paid $20,000 to Have Him Killed


Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Paid $20,000 to Have Him Killed

Former Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight claims his onetime business associate Dr. Dre mastermind a plot to have him killed.

Recently filed court documents show Knight signed a declaration saying a hitman—who was present the day he intentionally rammed his red truck into two men at a Compton burger stand, killing one—backs up his claims that he acted in self-defense.

Suge claims that he was shown a check for $20K by Dr. Dre made out to a man named Dwayne Johnson in July 2016.

In the legal docs, Suge says he met with Johnson and a private investigator, and during the meeting, Johnson flipped revealing that Dre paid him to “participate in my murder.”

“This check is critical in the defense of my case,” Knight wrote. “This check tends to show that at least one of the individuals present at the scene … had been paid a substantial amount of money to participate in my murder.” And that justified “my actions in attempting to flee the scene.”

Dre’s lawyers are calling the allegations “absurd” and “defamatory,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

An L.A. County Superior Court Judge agreed, granting Dre’s order to quash a subpoena for his financial records—presumably to prove he paid for the hit.

According to the filing, Suge said he never got a copy of the check and the investigator now claims it does not exist.


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