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Emmys ‘In Memoriam’ Omits Dick Gregory and Charlie Murphy


Emmys ‘In Memoriam’ Omits Dick Gregory and Charlie Murphy

It’s nearly impossible for an award show’s “In Memoriam” segment to include everyone who passed away in the last year, but this year’s Emmys omitted two obvious icons, comedians Charlie Murphy and comedy legend/Civil Rights activist, Dick Gregory.

As reported by TMZ, other stars who were excluded included Harry Dean Stanton and Frank Vincent.

Many on Twitter drew a contrast between the omission of two prominent African-Americans and the inclusion of Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

Vincent and Stanton both passed away within a week of the show, meaning the showrunners might not have had enough time to update the presentation. However, Murphy and Gregory passed away in April and August of this year, respectively.

One Twitter user pointed out that Jerry Lewis, who was included in the segment, passed away within a day of Gregory.

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