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Chris Rock Voices His Support for Colin Kaepernick


Chris Rock Voices His Support for Colin Kaepernick

Like many of us, Chris Rock doesn’t agree with the NFL blackballing free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick over his decision to protest the national anthem.

“You have to admit that in the world of sports where we give actual criminals a fifteenth chance this guy shouldn’t be denied the right to ever play again,” Rock wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday (Sept. 16).

Since first making his choice, Kaepernick faced a flurry of backlash namely from those in the NFL and relevant community. This backlash has gone so far as to depriving Kaepernick the privilege of playing with any team this season with the assumed reasoning leaning towards the league’s overall disapproval of Kaep’s actions.

Rock shared his thoughts:

It’s not the fact that not one of the bad teams that obviously needs a quarterback signed him i.e. Jets / browns / jaguars / bears .It’s not the fact that none of the teams that are good but are just a stable quarterback away from being a super bowl contender signed him Texans/ Broncos. It’s the fact the there’s a bunch of teams that are an injured quarterback away from their whole season going up in smoke. Cowboys/ raiders / etc. the fact that the good teams don’t want him is the proof. Teams in every sport sign players all the time for the sole purpose of their competition not getting the player. But nobody’s worried about that because they already know he’s not gonna be signed.”

Kaepernick previously led the 49ers to the Superbowl, has six playoff games under his belt and last season threw 16 touchdowns to four interceptions but remains a free agent after bowing out of his San Francisco contract earlier this year.

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