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High School Football Player Called N***A for Protesting Anthem


High School Football Player Called N***A for Protesting Anthem

A black football player at Brunswick High School in Cleveland took a knee at a recent game in protest of the National Anthem.

Since his protest, 16-year-old Rodney Axson says he’s been called a Nigger by several of his white teammates.

A few days after the game, someone posted a Snapchat story that featured a piece of paper with the N-word written on it next to the phrases “F*ck Rodney” and “Lets Lynch N*ggers.” Axson posted a photo of the evidence on Twitter:

Axson’s parents wondering whether or not they made the right decision to move to Brunswick to raise their children. “I thought moving to a community like Brunswick will be safe to keep away from the gun violence,” Axson’s father Rodney Sr. told Cleveland 19 News, “and then you have to come out here and deal with the racial thing.”

According to the district’s superintendent, the students who took part in the incident have been disciplined.

We are still investigating various incidents of inappropriate and racially motivated conduct by students at Brunswick High School.  We are cooperating fully with law enforcement as well.  As such, we will not comment further until such time as we have a reasonable grasp on all the facts.  However, let me say that a statement which has circulated on social media connected with this investigation is reprehensible and I am deeply disappointed that any of our students would participate in its publication.  Racial slurs and hate speech have no place in the Brunswick schools and those found complicit in such misconduct will be dealt with accordingly.

This is a statement I have never even conceived that I might need to release. I am saddened to have to do so.

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