Maggie Anderson Speaks About Her Experience ‘Buying Black’ For An Entire Year

Margarita Anderson and her family made history and dominated headlines as national media covered their year-long stand living exclusively off Black businesses, professionals, and...

Dr. Phil Valentine: All Religions Have Destroyed The Black Race

Video from Master teacher Dr. Phil Valentine. Dr. Valentine is the founder, director and pastor of the Temple of the Healing Spirit; Self-Healing Education Center,...

Sara Suten Seti – Formation Of A African Nation

Sara Suten Seti - Formation Of A African Nation

Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Dr. Joy DeGruy is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter. She is an ambassador for healing and a voice for...

Dr. Joy Degruy speaks on the history of Black America

Dr. Joy DeGruy authored the book entitled Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, which addresses the residual impacts of...

Dr. Boyce Watkins – Can I teach my child to be a business owner...

Boyce D. Watkins is an American author, economist, political analyst, and social commentator. Formerly a member of the finance faculty, and currently a Scholar in Residence in Entrepreneurship and...

Dr. Umar Johnson – Black People Time To Set The Record Straight

Donate to Dr. Umar Johnson's School here

Sara Suten Seti – If You Dont Have Kemet You Have Nothing

Sara Suten Seti - If You Dont Have Kemet You Have Nothing Video via Sa Neter Studios/House of Consciousness 

David Banner: The State of Hip Hop

[youtube] Directed by Pauline Dyer

Pro. James Small: We Must Reconstruct The Family To Build A Movement

[youtube] Professor James Small has been an activist since his teenage years. His in-depth knowledge, thought-provoking and calm delivery are influential elements to break...

Sara Suten Seti – The Sun Is God

-via Sa Neter Tv

Dr. Umar Johnson: Solving Baby Daddy And Baby Mama Drama Problems

[youtube] Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country. Umar is a blood relative...

(NEW) Ashra Kwesi – Excerpts From The Temple Of Amen, Origin Of God’s House...

This is an authorized video, produced and selected by Ashra Kwesi and his company, Kemet Nu Productions for online viewing. Brother Kwesi provides an...

Powerful! Maggie Anderson on Black on Black Economics

Know4LIFE's Steven Muhammad interview Sis. Maggie Anderson (,, activist, CEO, and co-founder, with her husband John Anderson, of the Empowerment Experiment on...

Martin Luther King Jr on Black Economic Empowerment

One of the more under-appreciated aspects of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy is that by the end of his career, he had fashioned...

Anderson Experiment: Couple Vows To Buy Black For An Entire Year

The Andersons' Experiment is grounded in John and Maggie Anderson's public pledge to try to exclusively support Black businesses and professionals. They do this...

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