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Remembering Florence Joyner (Flo-Jo)

Florence Joyner made her Olympic debut in 1984, at the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. There, she won a silver medal for the 200-meter...

Euzhan Palcy: The First Black Woman to Direct a Hollywood Feature Film

In 1983, there were no black women directing movies in Hollywood until Euzhan Palcy from the French-Caribbean island of Martinique burst onto the international film...

Jay-Z Narrates Why The ‘War on Drugs’ Was an Epic Failure

In a very profound op-ed video for The New York Times, Jay-Z explains why the infamous War on Drugs was a complete failure. In this short...

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable: The Haitian Man Who Founded Chicago

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable was the first settler of Chicago. He was also the city's first black resident. As a free black man, Point...

The Legacy of Marcus Mosiah Garvey Told By Dr. John Henrik Clarke

In celebration of Marcus Garvey Day we would like to share with you a video from the late Dr. John Henrik Clarke about the...

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