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All Black Media is an online magazine covering news, politics, history and culture. We cordially invite writers to contribute articles that will enlighten, inspire, motivate, entertain, and engage our audience. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. We want motivational stories that speak to all.

All Black Media article submission

Please fill out this form to pitch our editorial team on any topic in which you think we might be interested. We consider only completed articles and do not provide guidance on ideas or proposals. Countless factors affect whether an article is suitable for publication. You don’t need any special expertise to have your article considered for publication, though if you do, please elaborate.

Please note that we cannot respond to all pitches and you will here from us within 1-3 weeks if your pitch is something we may be interested in running. If you do not hear from us after 3 weeks, it is safe to assume we will not be able to use your article.

Your submission must be original work that has not appeared in any other publication. All Black Media editorial team reserves the right to edit (in whole or in part) any articles received or solicited for publication (including but not limited to headline, content, and layout). We will make every effort to work with the author on these changes. Articles typically run from 300 to 800 words, but submissions of any length will be considered.

Read the following before submitting

1. Familiarize yourself with what we like to publish by spending time on the site before submitting.

2. Avoid submitting on specific topics or story angles we’ve already published. Use the search function in the navbar above to review existing content.

3. Publishing rights – read our full Author’s Rights.

4. Payment – standard payment is $40, depending on article type and length, (Higher rates may be offered in special circumstances; please note this is determined on a case-by-case basis.) Payments are made via Paypal. 

The form below is the best way to submit your article. Information relevant to your expertise, or additional authors, may be included in the comments field.