Spike Lee, Jordan Peele Team Up for KKK Crime Thriller ‘Black Klansman’

Spike Lee has teamed up with Get Out filmmaker Jordan Peele for Black Klansman, the true story about an African-American police detective who infiltrated the KKK.

Per THR, Klansman tells the story of Ron Stallworth, a detective in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who in 1978 answered an ad in the local newspaper seeking new Klan members. He not only gained membership but rose through the ranks to become the head of the local chapter. Stallworth, who is black, was able to gather all sorts of intelligence by pretending to be a white supremacist on the phone or via other forms of correspondence but sent a white fellow officer in his place for any in-person meetings. During his undercover work, Stallworth managed to sabotage several cross-burnings and other activities of the notorious hate group.

Denzel Washington’s son, John David Washington, is reportedly in negotiations to star as Stallworth in the dramatic crime thriller that will begin shooting this Fall.

Stallworth wrote about his experience in a 2014 book titled Black Klansman. The title is not connected to The Black Klansman, a Blaxploitation revenge thriller from 1966 that told of an African American man who goes deep into the KKK in order to seek vengeance for the death of his daughter.

Lee will direct and produce the movie alongside Peele. The team-up between the two is momentous because it represents two black filmmakers from different generations working on a socially conscious project that couldn’t be more timely given the recent racial unrest in America.