Pimp C’s Wife Dispute Reports Claiming UGK Archives were Destroyed in Hurricane Harvey

Chinara Butler, the wife of legendary Houston rapper Pimp C, is denying reports claiming that “all” UGK archival material had been destroyed during Hurricane Harvey.

The reports appeared to stem from a now deleted Instagram post in which Bun B’s wife Queenie claimed that Pimp C’s son Chad was stick at his grandmother’s home in six feet of water. Queenie mentioned in the same post that what was left of the UGK archives was gone.

However, in an Instagram post on Thursday (Aug.. 31), Butler clarified that her recent sharing of the post from Queenie was not a confirmation of the destruction of the UGK archives.

“Before this #FakeNews goes any further @vladtv @xxl, I did not confirm anything regarding #UGK archives and [memorabilia] being destroyed by #HurricaneHarvey,” Butler said. “I shared a message to get some help to my step son. That is all.”

A spokesman for Butler clarified the confusion even further Friday, telling Fader Magazine that the archive items are “safe and in secured locations.”

“We can not confirm the information being spoken on Chad Jr’s behalf because Chinara does not know what items were at the residence in question, nor has she spoken with him to confirm the loss and what it entailed.