People Are Convinced Warriors Star Klay Thompson is Out Here Robbing Banks

While most NBA players are traveling the globe or spending time with their family this off season, the internet is convinced Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson is robbing banks.

Although the two-time NBA champion is not exactly hurting for cashing, seeing as how he recently signed a 10-year $80 million dollar extension with Chinese sportswear brand Anta, recent photos of a California bank robbery suspect will have you thinking otherwise.

On Monday, ABC7 news in Los Angeles tweeted an image of an Orange County bank robber who bears a shocking resemblance to Klay in hopes of identifying the criminal.

Immediately people began crafting their theories that the man was, in fact, Klay Thompson.

Per ABC7,

“On Thursday, the suspect demanded cash from a teller at a U.S. Bank inside an Albertsons in Costa Mesa, police said.
The next day, the same suspect allegedly robbed another U.S. Bank inside a Ralphs in Aliso Viejo.
Both robberies happened around 7 p.m. No one was injured.
If you recognize the suspect or have any relevant information about the robberies, you’re urged to contact the FBI at (310) 477-6565.”

It’s unclear if Klay has noticed people blaming him for the crimes. He hasn’t tweeted in over a month, and his Instagram page hasn’t been updated since Aug. 25, six days before the first robbery……Just kidding. Obviously Klay didn’t rob a bank.