New Jersey State Trooper Admits Pulling Over Women to Ask on Dates

A former New Jersey state trooper has admitted to tampering with evidence and falsifying records to cover up his habit of pulling over women to ask them on dates.

Authorities said 37-year-old Marquice Prather pulled women over, ranging from ages 18 to 42, with the purpose of asking them on a date or requesting their phone numbers.

He also admitted to going through the phones of several women without justification.

According to prosecutors, Prather would go through their personal information, and in some cases, he’d forward intimate photos and videos of the women to a friend. The state trooper also allegedly turned off his microphone during the stops, so his behavior was not recorded. In those instances, he would claim the microphone was malfunctioning.

An internal investigator discovered Prather had been shutting the mic off himself after authorities placed a hidden camera inside of his troop car, according to

Prather pleaded guilty to charges of invasion of privacy, tampering with physical evidence and falsifying or tampering with records. He is scheduled for sentencing on Dec. 8. The state will recommend that he receive a term of probation.