Woman Who Accused Usher of Exposing Her to Herpes Comes Forward

A woman who has filed a lawsuit against R&B singer Usher alleging that he exposed her to genital herpes has come forward.

On Monday (Aug. 7), celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom held a news conference in Midtown Manhattan with one of Usher’s accusers, Quantasia Sharpton.

Sharpton said she had sexual contact with Usher at a hotel when she was 19 years old, and that he failed to disclose his status. She said she tested negative for the disease and would have never consented had she known he had it.

“I feel that my rights were violated,” said Sharpton. “I’m speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and embarrassed to speak out publicly. I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else.”

According to the lawsuit, two women and a man are accusing Usher of not telling them he had herpes. They will be named in the complaint as Jane Doe and John Doe

Bloom cited news reports that Usher was diagnosed with herpes in approximately 2009, and in 2012 settled a case with a woman who claimed he’d transmitted the disease to her, saying that Usher has not publicly denied the claims