Suge Knight Actor From ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Faces Assault Charges

Straight Outta Compton actor R. Marcos Taylor is having an extremely rough year, as reports are surfacing of his second arrest this month after previously being arrested for assault.

According to TMZ, the actor who portrayed Suge Knight in the 2015 blockbuster has been arrested and charged with terroristic threats after he allegedly went on a “rampage” at a TD Bank in New Jersey. Taylor reportedly was having an issue with his bank card and needed a new one. Witnesses say he approached a bank employee with hostility and then told the employee, “I will fucking kill you.”

When authorities arrived on the scene Taylor was allegedly seen in a fighting stance, leading officers to pepper-spray and arrest him. He is reportedly being charged with terroristic threats, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

Earlier this month, Taylor was arrested and charged with multiple accounts of assault after punching two people at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Green Brook, N.J. This counts as his third reported arrest of the year, as he previously was detained in Miami Beach for slamming a body guard at a hotel back in May.