Kordell Stewart to Colin Kaepernick: ‘You Don’t Have to be so Loud’

Following in the sunken place footsteps of Ray Lewis, former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart suggests that Colin Kaepernick “keep quiet” about his social activism.

“Right now he’s not giving himself a chance,” Stewart said, via NFL No Huddle on TuneIn with Brian Webber. “I don’t think it’s the owners; I think it’s more or less Colin Kaepernick in my mind. Stay off of social media, and when it comes to the political side of everything, you can express yourself, you can do it quietly. I mean people are looking for former athletes and athletes out there doing some things that can be headline news. Do it from a charitable standpoint. Stay low-key about it. You don’t have to be so loud, especially in this world of politics in the game of football.”
Stewart added, “You see what’s taking place with him [Kapernick] right now. He’s not even getting a chance to play and he’s better than 90 percent plus of the backups playing in the National Football League, let alone some starters that are playing right now.”

The Baltimore Ravens are reportedly interested in signing Kaepernick but have yet to reach a deal with the free-agent quarterback. Former Ravens’ LB Ray Lewis posted a video on Tuesday asking Kap fans to “pray” he stop getting caught up in nonsense.

“If people really want to help you…If they really want to help you man…they’ll pray for you brother…they’ll lead you the right way and stop encouraging you to be caught up in this nonsense brother.” Lewis said. “The battles you’re fighting people been fighting for many years.”

At this point, Kaepernick is likely to begin the season without joining a team.