Mystikal Surrenders to Authorities Over Rape Charge, Alleged Accomplice Says Victim is Lying

Veteran rapper Mystikal turned himself into authorities Monday morning after being charged with raping a woman in Louisiana. The charges stemmed from an alleged sexual assault reported in October 2016 during the rapper’s ‘Southern Hip Hop’ tour along with Averweone Holman, who was also arrested last Friday.

A third person, Tenichia Wafford, is being charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree rape. Police say Wafford tried to strong-arm the alleged victim into dropping the charges against Mystikal and Holman.

Tenichia, who recently turned herself in, is reportedly an associate of both Mystikal and Holman, but she’s claiming to have proof of Mystikal’s innocence & that the victim’s lying.

In a new report by TMZ, Tenichia admits she called the woman, but only because they were friends, and that’s when the victim told her there was no rape. It’s unclear if Tenichia is saying the alleged victim stated there was sexual contact with consent or no sexual contact at all, but regardless Tenichia says she has proof in a recording that the alleged victim isn’t “hurt.”

“That she said. Aint nobody did nothing to her. this is some bullshit though. Threw me for a loop. If I would’ve knew all this, I would’ve even called,” tenchia said. “If you hear nothing. then you need to go down there & clear these niggas names cause niggas getting locked up for this shit” Tenichia apparently told the victim on the phone.

Check out Tenichia’s clip (below).