Lil Scrappy Responds to Video of Him and Bobby V. Amid Transgender Controversy

Bobby V & Lil Scrappy "Sucka 4 Luv" music video.

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy has spoken out after a video surfaced of him and Bobby Valentino in a room full of questionable women.

The video, uploaded by MyMixtapez, shows the rapper partying with Valentino, and as they eloquently put it, “a couple of trannys.” After the video went viral, Scrappy took to Instagram live to address it.

“At the end of the motherfuckin’ day…I’m the first n*gga to tell y’all mothef-ckers y’all better be checking them baby pictures,” says Scrappy, before dispelling the rumor that the women were indeed transgender. “I been in the room with some bitches, and I know when bitches are bitches. I know the difference, cuz.”

Though Scrappy doesn’t criticize those who go “both ways,” he asserts that he is straight and has nothing to do with what’s going down with Bobby Valentino, who recently exposed by a woman claiming to be a transgender escort. Check out the videos below.

#LilScrappy was with #Bobbyvalentino and a couple of trannys 😭😭😭😭 #MyMixtapez

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