Kevin Durant to Fan Saying LeBron is Better than Him: ‘Nah’

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant posted a question on the “Community” section of his YouTube account Monday (July 31), asking “Narrative or Skill? Which one matters more to you?”

After a few replies, YouTube user “Joe Deezy” suggested that LeBron James is the better player, and Durant wasn’t having none of that.

“LeBron is better than you it’s just fax,” Deezy wrote.

“Nah,” Durant replied.

KD shuts it down.

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Though the response wasn’t an extended in-depth argument about LBJ, we have to appreciate that Kevin Durant is reading YouTube comments, which already sounds ridiculous as responding to trolls.

Back in April 2013, Durant explained to Sports Illustrated‘s Lee Jenkins how he had grown tired of looking up at James.

“I’ve been second my whole life,” he said. “I was the second-best player in high school. I was the second pick in the draft. I’ve been second in the MVP voting three times. I came in second in the Finals. I’m tired of being second. I’m not going to settle for that. I’m done with it.”

Now, Durant could be on the verge of surpassing James averaging 35.2 points in the finals, along with 8.2 rebounds and 5.4 assists, en route to winning Finals MVP.