Hurricane Harvey: This Texas Man is Using His Boat to Save Lives

CNN reporter Ed Lavandera came across a man readying a boat to save victims of Hurricane Harvey in southeast Texas on Sunday. The unidentified man said he traveled from Texas City to Houston to use his boat to help out in rescue efforts. He has reportedly gotten calls from eight people needing his assistance.

Hurricane Harvey devastated Southern Texas after making landfall near Corpus Christi on Friday night. The slow-moving storm left behind flooded communities in Houston and other parts of Texas throughout the weekend leaving hundreds without homes and thousands without power. While the initial response on social media was the typical “Pray for Houston” message, some courageous people in neighboring cities have given blood or opened up their homes to provide accommodation for evacuees.

If you would like to really help those affected by the storm, here’s what you can do too.

Point Them To The Nearest Shelter
Here is a FULL list of Houston shelters that are open and taking people in (This list updated frequently, so keep checking back). Click here for the FULL LIST.

Donate Money Directly On The Ground
Before you donate to a charity, make sure you know where your aid is going. The Center for International Disaster Information recommends checking with a charity monitoring organization like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or the Better Business Bureau before donating.

Make sure your donation is secure by going through an organization’s official website or sending a check in the mail. Charity Navigator says you should never donate over the phone, email or unknown social media pages, as these are easier for scammers to target.