Miami is Now a “No Fly Zone” for Meek Mill, Trick Daddy Says

Dade County rap veteran Trick Daddy has called out Meek Mill over comments he made about his influence on rap artists, particularly those in Miami. During a recent interview with HOT 97, Meek spoke casually about his influence on hip-hop’s culture.

“When you see people rolling their skullies up, when you see people with the diamond chains… everybody’s wearing Cuban links,” said Meek. “When you see people in Miami on the yachts now on Instagram — that comes from the influence of Meek Mill, the Dreamchasers, because they believe us.”

After hearing the Wins and Looses rapper interview with the station, Trick posted the following to his Instagram page.

“First of all, you need to know one motherfucking thing – Miami niggas are not followers, not mini-mes and me toos,” Trick said in an Instagram video. “We trendsetters. We cocaine selling, machine gun rooting tooting shooting fool ass niggas. And don’t use my city or my niggas for character references. I will not accept it, nigga. I will get out of character, nigga. Do not fuck with me, nigga. Dirt bikes, Cuban Links and yachts … We cocaine cowboys, nigga.”

Trick also brings up Meek’s breakup with Nicki Minaj, saying that the split has messed with his head.

“Ever since you lost your girl, you’ve been trippin’,” Trick Daddy continues. “As a matter of fact, your visa has expired… You owe me and my city an apology.”

Check out Meek’s full interview below.