Ex-Prisoner Misses Job Interview to Save Car Crash Victim

A former prisoner in Bridgeport, Connecticut, left a bus on the way to a job interview to help save a man who was trapped in his car after it overturned.

Aaron Tucker, 32, spotted the vehicle then asked the bus driver to stop so he could help the man trapped in his smoldering car. When he notice the man bleeding from his head, Tucker reportedly took off his shirt and used as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. As a result, he missed his interview for a bus boy position at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

Tucker helped remove a male driver from the overturned vehicle in Wesport, Conn. (NEWS 12 CONNECTICUT)

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Tucker’s benefit as a result of his efforts to save a stranger despite needing to get to a job interview. In less than 15 hours, people have donated more than $6,000 to the father-of-one.

Tucker, who is currently living in a half-way house having served half of a 22-month sentence for a weapons charge, has since received several job offers.