Woman Sues Casino That ‘Offered Dinner Instead of $43m Jackpot’

Katrina Bookman thought she struck gold last year when her slot machine at New York’s Resorts World Casino displayed $43 million dollars, but when she attempted to collect her prize, a casino worker told her she hadn’t actually won anything then offered her a complimentary steak dinner and $2.25.

Bookman is now suing the casino and her lawyer, Alan Ripka, says she’s entitled to the full amount displayed on her machine.

The lawsuit, filed at the Queens County Supreme Court, said the Sphinx slot machine’s “bells, noises, and lights” as well as the message on the screen told Bookman she had won the jackpot, Courthouse News reported.

The subsequent disappointment left Bookman anxious and depressed, the report said. She is seeking damages from the casino for failing to maintain the slot machine as well as two companies that make and operate games machine, reports said.

A Resorts World spokesman said at the time that the machine had suffered an “obvious malfunction”. The New York State Gaming Commission said the machine had been displaying a disclaimer that said: “malfunctions void all pays and plays”.

However, Ripka told the media at the time that the casino had not responded to requests for an explanation about how the slot machine malfunctioned.

In 2011 the Iowa Supreme Court denied an 87-year old grandmother a payout of $42m after a Miss Kitty slot machine showed a message saying she had won a bonus of that amount.

The casino said it had been a malfunction and offered her $1.85 based on the symbols the machine was displaying at the time.