‘Juice’ Original Ending Shows Tupac Choosing Death Over Prison

Twenty-Five years ago, Tupac Shakur made his big-screen acting debut as Bishop—a troubled Harlem teen whose turn towards violence tears apart his childhood friends—in the classic movie Juice.

Though the film marked a breakout performance for Pac, the ending that screened in theaters was not the original. In the final scene of Juice, Pac’s Bishop has a bloody throwdown with Omar Epp’s character Q. The fight ends with Q knocking Bishop over the edge of a rooftop, but he quickly grabs Bishop’s hand to keep him from falling. Q, who is already suffering from a gunshot wound inflicted by Bishop, is unable to maintain his grip on his friend’s hand, and Bishop plunges to his death.

In the original ending shown exclusively to Rolling Stone, Bishop hears police sirens in the distance and chooses to let go of Q’s hand rather than climb back to safety and face a life of imprisonment.

Check out the clip below: