Demetrius Shipp Jr. Discusses His Journey from Working Regular Jobs to 2Pac Movie

Up and coming actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. spoke with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show Monday (June 12) about how he never expected to land the role of Tupac Shakur in the All Eyez on Me biopic, primarily since he never aspired to be an actor.

“It kinda just came,” Shipp said. “My best friend, who’s here with me in the backstage, he’s like ‘Dude, you gotta do this audition, the casting call for 2Pac, you gotta do that.’ I was just working, just regular jobs, trying to make a living. I always wanted to be a music producer, so, you know, working on that and then just doing my regular job, paying the bills.”

Those regular jobs, Shipp added, included a multitude of retail positions. “Target,” Shipp said. “Shout out to Target for the job. Sam’s Club, Sears.” Shipp also talked about being called Pac in high school and how his father produced Pac’s “Toss it Up” single.

Shipp later joined Demi Moore and Leslie Jones for a round of charades:

All Eyez on Me opens Jun. 16 and also stars Jamal Woolard, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, and Kat Graham. Watch the trailer below: