Will the Houston Texans Sign Colin Kaepernick Now That Tony Romo Has Retired?

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo announced his retirement Tuesday morning (March 4) ending any speculation of him joining the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos before training camp.

While the Texans have publicized their goal of picking up a quarterback in this year’s NFL draft, the logical thing to do is to sign a veteran to help with the process, especially since the chances of a rookie QB being ready for his first season are slim.

Let’s be honest, the only veteran quarterbacks worth signing are Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick who both better than Houston’s current QBs Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden. However, it’s already been reported that the team isn’t interested in Cutler but that could change any day now.

When it comes to Kaepernick, the Texans have had internal discussions about signing him and it makes me wonder will they make a move now that Romo is out of the picture.

If the Texans had a roster like the Cleveland Browns, going with Savage and/or Weeden as their starter this season wouldn’t matter.  But this team has a Super Bowl-ready roster and is prepared to win now.

The Texans don’t need a standout QB to carry their team. They just need someone that can manage the game and not cost them wins.

Right now, the best option for the Texans is Kaepernick no matter what anyone says. Although he’s not great, Jim Harbaugh showed the world that he’s good enough to get to a Super Bowl and come within a play of winning it all.

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