Parents of White Supremacist Who Killed New York Man Refuse to Pay His Lawyer Fees

James Jackson, the professed white supremacist who fatally stabbed 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in Manhattan, New York, will not be getting his lawyer fees paid by his parents, New York Daily reports.

“I am retained counsel and I am told that I am not going to be paid past today,” Jackson’s soon-to-quit attorney Sam Talkin said in Manhattan Supreme Court on April 3. Talkin could not comment on whether Jackson’s parents were unable to pay or had decided not to pay the legal fees.

According to the New York Daily, Jackson’s grandfather, who fought for African-Americans civil rights in segregated Louisiana, said his grandson traveled from Baltimore to New York with the intentions of killing black men in order to keep white women from dating them

Jackson’s trial will proceed with his court-appointed lawyer.