Beware of The Hotep Scam Artist

Black economics has been a common catch-phrase by the conscious community. In theory, the black community is poverty-stricken because of the lack of businesses that cater to our needs. Instead of the black dollar bouncing back to another black person, the money is given to other races to finance their own expenses.

For decades those in the conscious community have struggled in creating livable-waged businesses, most of the time their ideas do not even come off the ground, while others sell the pipedream that if X-amount of money is donated to a specific cause then everyday black people will get the blueprint to be their own bosses.

The problem is that there are too many inexperienced businessmen who do not have a specific skill. It is easy to talk about rebuilding and resurrecting black wall street via DVD lectures, but when people ask them to be stationary and help lay the foundation then things fall apart.

It is even hard trusting them with money as they will lie and pretend that they have no sponsors backing them, so it falls on everyday people. For starters, group economics sounds good in practice, but in some areas these businesses are nonexistent. Before I take any Pan-Africanist serious, I need to see to contractors and construction crew with a sign saying, “Welcome to NegroTown,” where there are black owned groceries, gas stations, car dealerships, hospitals, and schools. Work this massive will take decades before it reaches its peak.

The most annoying thing I see in pro-black Facebook groups is the spamming of DVD projects. If someone has to do a lecture and charge over $30 just for free information that I can find on, then I am good on that bruh. Some of us have gotten too gullible to where we are giving away thousands of dollars to conscious leaders whom we never have seen in person or have any major success.

Most of these businessmen are never focused, the usual M.O. from conscious businessmen is that they start off as radio hosts who never went mainstream because of their controversial views or no one really cared what they had to say. They preach the need for black media, while shaming mainstream black television shows (because they believe it promotes black stereotypes or it was secretly produced by white people) they will broadcast their janky podcast that drags out to be 7 hours long and if you get bored or question their authority then they will question your blackness.

They give horrible business advice and it mirrors sources you can find at your banks’ help desk. One of the worst mistakes I made was entrusting a pro-black computer engineer who sold DVDs of his poorly made stock market tutorials. I tried getting into stock because most of my pro-black friends were into it, even though they did not give concrete details on their alleged success. This was the same guy who would encourage black people to get a STEM degree and learn to code. For once I can agree with him on that but since he is older than me what pro-black jobs will be offered to college graduates who majored in computer science?

Most of these men are liars and scammers who want to take your hard-earned money to be invested in failed projects or personal expenses. I am all in for a better and self-sustaining black community, but enough with the drafted plans and start something is concrete.