3 People Injured, 1 Dead In Atlanta Public Transit Shooting

One person was killed and three others were wounded Thursday (April 13) in what authorities are calling a “targeted” shooting on an Atlanta public transit train.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Police Chief Wanda Dunham said in a statement that officers arrested a suspect in the death of Zachariah Hunnicutt. She did not release the suspect’s name or details about what led to the shooting.

Cedric Peterson tells WGCL he regularly rides the train after work and that the ride started off normally. “Everybody’s sitting down. It’s quiet,” he says. “After we pulled off, we heard a sound like a crash, like we ran into maybe a tree limb that was on the track. Then like three seconds later, I’m hearing pop, pop, pop. I look back and see a guy’s back and see his outstretched arm. I’m like, ‘Yo, man, this is a shooter.’ Then I’m running for the door.” The shooter got on the train just like anyone else, Peterson says: “He was wearing headphones and just bobbing his head. There was no argument or anything. Then I heard the first pop.”

Two men and a woman who were wounded by gunfire were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.