Homeless Atlanta High School Student Named Valedictorian, Earns Scholarship Money

Rebecca Schmitt path to becoming her school’s valedictorian was no easy feat.

In the course of four years, her mother Sandra lost her job as a Realtor and was evicted from their St. Lucie, Florida home after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Since then, Rebecca has had to care for her mom while managing her studies.

“After her bone marrow transplant (in 2012), my mom was rendered disabled and unable to work,” Rebecca told ABC News.

Sandra Schmitt, a single mother, said that after the bone marrow transplant her finances were “basically almost depleted.” In 2015, they moved to San Diego for better healthcare but when they could no longer afford it they relocated to Atlanta.

Despite their circumstances, the 16-year-old became Maynard Jackson High School’s valedictorian, earning a 4.2 GPA. She’s also the school’s tennis captain and was named most valuable player this year.

Rebecca Schmitt, a senior at Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta, battled homelessness to become the school’s valedictorian.

Rebecca has been admitted to three of the 17 colleges she applied to: Spelman, Georgia Tech and Washington University in St. Louis

As of today, her and her mom currently reside in a hotel.