Bad Boys 3 Gets Delayed, Bad Boys 4 Unlikely

Bad Boys 3 has just been given another lengthy delay according to a Tweet from Exhibitor Relations. The highly anticipated film, originally called Bad Boys for Life, has been planned by Sony for quite some time now.

As recently as December, Will Smith had said that Bad Boys 3 was “very, very close” to getting done. Sony announced the project more than two years ago and there haven’t been many firm updates from the studio, just a lot of rumors and the occasional, unexciting update from either Will Smith or Martin Lawrence.

Not only is Bad Boys for Life getting a hefty delay, but the already announced Bad Boys 4 has reportedly been pulled from the schedule entirely.

There is no specific reason for the delay, according to the report from Exhibitor Relations. However, it was recently revealed that Will Smith is being eyed to star as the lead in Disney’s live-action Dumbo, which is going to be directed by Tim Burton. Assuming Disney managed to work out the deal with Will Smith, that could be contributing to the new delay on Bad Boys for Life.

According to reports, Bad Boys 3 is gong to be R-rated and for now, we will have to wait until November 9, 2018, to finally see it. Bad Boys 4 was scheduled to hit theaters on May 24, 2019, but looks like that’s a no no. Whether or not we will ever see that happen remains to be seen but for now, despite the delay, Bad Boys 3 is still happening. Just later than expected.