Mike Tyson Records Diss Track Aimed at Soulja Boy

As things heat up between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, Mike Tyson (Chris’s trainer) posted a picture of himself in the studio recording a diss track or what he claims “dropping heat” aimed at Soulja Boy.

Here’s the heat that he was apparently speaking of. It’s a track titled “It’s Going Down,” produced by Damon Elliott. Rumor has it that a Chris Brown verse and a video are on the way. Enjoy?

50 Cent, who took offense to Floyd Mayweather’s decision to train Soulja Boy, called up Tyson to see if he would be interested in helping out Breezy for this upcoming boxing match. Iron Mike was not only happy to get in Brown’s corner, he’s also willing to trade verbal jabs with Soulja. “If you show up, it’s going down, I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out,” Tyson repeatedly warns the rapper on “It’s Going Down.”