Customers Leave Note for Virginia Waitress: ‘Great Service, Don’t Tip Black People’

ASHBURN, Va. – Although a waitress at a Virginia restaurant was praised for her hard work, she was quickly reminded of the atrocities that have tormented African Americans due to their skin color for centuries.

Kelly Carter says a couple at Anita’s New Mexico Style cafe had written on a receipt: “Great service don’t tip black people,” but she remains unbothered.

‘He only makes me stronger’, Ms Carter says about the diner who left her the note.

Carter told local media that one of the diners had even complimented the breakfast she served them on Saturday. She said she would recognize them if they returned to the restaurant.

“My arms are still opened to him,” she said, offering to serve them again.

“That’s him, not me,” she said during her morning shift, adding that “he only hurt himself. He only makes me stronger.”

The white couple, who appeared to be in their mid-20s, left after spending $30.52 on food. Restaurant owner Tommy Tellez told local media: “I was appalled, though it’s kind of in line with the political landscape, unfortunately.”

The note was left at a restaurant in the Washington DC suburbs

People have been dropping by the restaurant to give Carter cash, Tellez said, and a YouCaring campaign has raised over $300 for her.