Colin Kaepernick Donates $50K to Help Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

After giving away his massive shoe collection to those in need, Colin Kaepernick is reportedly donating $50,000 to help the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors.  According to Kaep’s website, which gives a thorough breakdown of his donations for each month, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is giving his largest amount of money to the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership, a free clinic located at the Standing Rock camp.

From the $50,000 donation, 50 percent will be used to “offset salaries for MD’s and nurses,” 25 percent will be allocated to “offset building materials for mobile medical clinic,” 15 percent will be for supplies while 10 percent is meant to “help cover liability insurance.”

Kaepernick is proving that he’s more than just talk. The 29-year-ols is steadily working towards making the type of changes that he sought out when he initially made his national anthem protest. Now that the NFL season is over for the Niners, don’t be surprised to see Kaepernick putting his time to good use.