Western Michigan Basketball Player Charged With Murdering Fellow Student

Western Michigan redshirt freshman Joeviair Kennedy was charged with murder and armed robbery following the death of fellow 20-year-old student, Jacob Ryan Jones.

According to testimony in Kalamazoo County Court on Monday (Dec 12) at Kennedy’s arraignment, Jones was shot as part of a botched robbery. Two robbers allegedly held Jones and friends up at gunpoint, and Jones was shot after he unexpectedly stood up from a couch. A phone that was found at the scene allegedly connected the deputies investigating the case to Kennedy:

The robbers demanded cash, marijuana and phones from the four other people at the apartment before one of the victims tackled one of the intruders, the detective testified, resulting in two phones being dropped. The robbers fled and the victims locked the door behind them, witnesses told police.

Detectives called 911 using the two phones and found one was associated with Joeviair Kennedy, based on a June 2016 complaint made from the number to the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office, the detective said, and the other phone belonged to Jones.

Kennedy is no longer on WMU’s website, and the school announced that he had been suspended on Friday. WMU Steve Hawkins addressed the shooting last Friday, calling it “a devastating loss for our university.”