Joe McKnight’s Killer Arrested on Manslaughter Charges

Ronald Gasser was arrested and charged with manslaughter on Monday (Dec. 5) after initially being released for fatally shooting former NFL player Joe Mcknight, according to the jail records from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say Gasser shot McKnight, 27, from inside his vehicle during a road rage incident Thursday (Dec. 1) in Terrytown. Gasser was released hours later by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office without charges, as Sheriff Newell Normand said his office was still working to investigate what happened.

Ronald Gasser, 54.
Ronald Gasser, 54.

Normand indicated during a press conference last week that the probe of McKnight’s shooter includes consideration of Louisiana’s stand-your-ground law. The law says a person does not have “a duty to retreat” when the prospect of life-threatening or great bodily harm appears imminent, Nola reports.

“In this state, there are relative statutes that provide defenses to certain crimes,” Normand said last week. “For example, officers have those same defenses. So when we shoot and kill somebody, the question is … it’s a homicide. The question is, ‘Is it justified or not?’

Joe McKnight was drafted in the fourth round by the New York Jets in 2010.