Charlamagne The God says Black and Hispanic Women Should Be More Like Tomi Lahren

Breakfast club host Charlemagne The God is at the center of controversy after saying Black and Hispanic women should use social media to create a platform to be a voice like Tomi Lahren.

Charlemagne befriended the controversial political commentator in what he calls “an effort to understand each other’s views.” But after numerous sightings of the two and continuous references to ‘Black Penises Matter’ many are believing Charlemagne could actually be dating Lahren.

Power 105 hosts Peter Rosenberg and Ebro directed an on-air segment at Charlamagne referring to him as the “Cake Soap God” who’s trying too hard accepted by mainstream White America.

Ebro says Charlamagne’s budding friendship with Lahren is evidence of a “slave mentality taking place.” He also accuses Charlamagne of bleaching his skin, which he sees as further evidence of his longing to be accepted by White America.

Twitter users were also upset by Charlemagne’s comments saying that Black women “wokeness” is often looked at as bitter or angry.