Benard Hopkins Knocked Out of the Ring by Joe Smith Jr in Final Fight

Legendary boxer Benard Hopkins 28-year career couldn’t have ended on a worse note as he was literally knocked out of the ring by opponent Joe Smith Jr Saturday night.

Hopkins, a month shy of his 52nd birthday and participating in the 67th and final fight of a career that began when Ronald Reagan was president and year before Smith was born, landed on his head but complained of an ankle injury and was unable to continue.

Hopkins, who had a long stint as middleweight champion and was also the light heavyweight champion, ends his career at 55-8-2.

“I know for a fact that if I had not been pushed out of the ring after I had made him miss, the second half of the fight, where I’m known for coming back and I’m known for going after it when I’m down multiple rounds, I believe he was starting to fade out,” Hopkins said to HBO’s Max Kellerman in his locker room after leaving the ring.