3 Reasons Why Black Millennials Are No Longer Celebrating Christmas

photo via - thefrontporch.org

It’s that time of the year again! Soon you’ll be bombarded with gifts, Christmas songs, and Jesus! Something to be excited about right? Well, most black millennials think otherwise and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. African Americans are becoming more socially conscious


It’s not that hard to see that America has a systematic issue when it comes to race. If it isn’t school depriving black kids of knowing their real history, its trigger happy law enforcement ready to kill any black male or female at will. These occurrences have caused blacks to become united and more conscious about where they’re spending their money. No need to keep feeding a system that’s hellbent on your destruction, right?

2. The abandonment of traditional religion

religionThanks to the internet and several other resources blacks have more access to books, documents, videos, etc than ever before! This alone has resulted in many abandoning conservative belief systems in search of knowledge of self. What is knowledge of self? It is a spiritual connection with the inner u or inner G (energy), as some may call it, that doesn’t require a 3rd party connection (i.e. religion, church, pastor, etc). This way of thinking is nothing new but it has become more common amongst the black youth.

3. Idol worship of yet another white man  


As if the many white-washed pictures of Jesus Christ weren’t enough, Christmas is time for yet another white man to claim his place in our children’s heart. Do you know the origins of Santa Claus? He was a thin curmudgeonly man by the name of St. Nicholas who was constantly in and out of jail. He oversaw the violent destruction of the Temple of Artemis and was single handily responsible for the death and torture of thousands. Does this sound like someone you want your kid to meet?

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