3 Reasons Why Black Millennials Are No Longer Celebrating Christmas

photo via - thefrontporch.org

It’s that time of the year again! Soon you’ll be bombarded with gifts, Christmas songs, and Jesus! Something to be excited about right? Well, most black millennials think otherwise and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. African Americans are becoming more socially conscious


It’s not that hard to see that America has a systematic issue when it comes to race. If it isn’t school depriving black kids of knowing their real history, its trigger happy law enforcement ready to kill any black male or female at will. These occurrences have caused blacks to become united and more conscious about where they’re spending their money. No need to keep feeding a system that’s hellbent on your destruction, right?

2. The abandonment of traditional religion

religionThanks to the internet and several other resources blacks have more access to books, documents, videos, etc than ever before! This alone has resulted in many abandoning conservative belief systems in search of knowledge of self. What is knowledge of self? It is a spiritual connection with the inner u or inner G (energy), as some may call it, that doesn’t require a 3rd party connection (i.e. religion, church, pastor, etc). This way of thinking is nothing new but it has become more common amongst the black youth.

3. Idol worship of yet another white man  


As if the many white-washed pictures of Jesus Christ weren’t enough, Christmas is time for yet another white man to claim his place in our children’s heart. Do you know the origins of Santa Claus? He was a thin curmudgeonly man by the name of St. Nicholas who was constantly in and out of jail. He oversaw the violent destruction of the Temple of Artemis and was single handily responsible for the death and torture of thousands. Does this sound like someone you want your kid to meet?

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  • Maranatha

    Make that five reasons:

    4) Christmas is a pagan holiday that has nothing to do with the birth of Christ.
    5) There is no scriptural reference or mandate for celebrating Christmas, or for celebrating the birth of the Savior, period. It isn’t there. Nowhere in the Bible. They made it up.

    • Judith

      Isn’t the bible made up as all?

      • Rashad Sharif

        The Bible has been altered and there has been a call by biblical scholars of the highest eminence for a total revision. Just an example, the issue of who Jesus is, a man or God, or a Prophet, or the son of God, or a begotten son of God??? I have the scripture evidence to support my and many students of knowledge position on the matter.. future discussion

        • Melvin Shephard IV

          There’s no call for total revision by biblical scholars. You’re probably speaking of (or not speaking of) Muslim scholars.

          The Bible has NEVER been altered in the sense that it’s doctrine has been changed. The only changed elements would be the language and the grammar.

          It’s funny how people say it was altered but never say what was altered.

  • Niki

    St Nicholas aka Santa was stolen from a black priest there are black statues of St Nick in Europe. And we waking up realizing that all these holidays are a fraud.

  • Deborah Goodspeed-Santiago

    people are just too afraid to face the truth… they don’t want to disappoint their spoiled children~ so sad to see this one day turns people into loving one another and on the 26th they go back to hating and ignoring the human race! Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to the truth~

    • Rashad Sharif

      Especially people of African American ancestry. We have been lied to so much that when the truth comes to us, especially if it comes from us, we are so prone to reject it. We have been programmed to believe a person of another race than ourselves. soo osososo sad.

  • Sonia C.

    Great article.

    4. Economically Aware:
    While it is okay to give and be generous, buying outrageous amounts of items
    (a lot of which have been marked up for the, “holidays”) puts most
    Americans into debt, and sadly dependent upon Income Tax Refunds. African-Americans are starting to see the importance of having money in their bank accounts than to have presents under a tree.

    • Latisha Prather

      I’m happy our people are waking up, but please stay awake.The maine point is know that someone is always watching where you spend your dollars and how to get them. It’s up to you to be in charge of the way you spend and why. Don’t spend just because their a man on TV, internet or any other place telling you all kinds of lies to get your money. Think before you spend. think about the clothes we buy everything mostly state made in china, no disrespect to any race of people, but black people who run out there buying Jordans and all these other item with Black people faces on and name on them, but not made by not one black person , but these (black people items etc sneaker, clothing , perfumes, and makeup , beer, sport drinks and so on) are being traded on the stock market, but the black communities that support these black people brands etc jordan, Nikki, Eve ,puff daddy and others. Sorry to say this but until i see a Jordan store, or Nikki store, or any other black celeb items, I cant and wont buy anything with a black person name on it,that don’t own no store or factory to make his /her supply. Maybe if most black did this we would see more money in our community, like in the other race community. So start their black people, boycott these fake black people with their name on everything but No factory of theirs made it, it always come from (china ). Giving the money straight to the other man, pass the black hand that help get you their. Many who make money forget their blackness as soon as they make it. Buy you stuff from black own company who give back to their people. Support them, not these fake black millionaire who want you to support them and boycott when it affect their money. keep your mind eye open, love in heart and success on!

  • mnyama

    My grandmother refused to buy Christmas gifts. She said she would not spend most of the next year paying for the previous Christmas. We loved her just the same. She also said she did things for us year ’round and that should suffice.. I don’t “do Christmas – because I don’t want to….simply put.

  • Rashad Sharif

    Thank God for you Sister, I agree, The 25th is a roman pagan holiday reserved for kings and rulers, Jesus (peace be upon him) was given gifts and this day selected as his birth because of this tradition because he was considered a king, The so called 3 wise men gave gifts to all who were considered a king. Jesus peace be upon him came and destroyed the pagan traditions and practices, in the 10 Chapter of Jeremiah, Jesus destroyed this pagan festival of Christmas, he advised the believers and followers to stay away from these pagan/heathen traditions. These are not my words, please see the chapter.

  • Rashad Sharif

    Its wonderful that the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of all the worlds has elevated the consciousness of humanity and allowing for us to begin to uncover all the lies and untruths that has been had and told and supported and forced down our throats without any evidences. We have had the COW mentality, that is to keep our head on the ground and eat continuous nonstop (consumerism). Now we are starting to re-realize that the human can also think, something the COW cant do. As a result of this movement it will have a price, those who are in positions of power and influence are worried about you and remember they will do anything to keep the status Quo from changing.. “When truth comes, Falsehood must perish, by its very nature because it is not built on a stable foundation..

  • Melvin Shephard IV

    Does anyone here know the history of Christmas? It sure didn’t start with St Nicolas. This is just another petty black argument that doesn’t get you anywhere! Read what books? People think the Internet has all this valuable information. If you want real information, you’ll find most of it archived in LIBRARIES! We’ve had this resource of information for years and because naive black youths follow everything they see in the Internet and social media, they think it’s new information. 99% of the time is old, washed out biased rhetoric that is just as dogmatic as the so called traditional church. Now the Internet is that third party for enlightenment. People need to know that to find the truth, you need to know LOGIC so you know if someone is lying. YOU have to look for RELIABLE sources. And most of that is written in autobiographies, biographies, congressional records, newspapers, ancient artifacts, expert opinions, etc. you know, actual primary sources, and maybe some secondary. Let’s get real people. Look into things yourself and stop following everything that is thrown up into the air on the Internet.

    • timotheus1

      Hahaha. You hit the nail on the head.

  • fumerop

    Dump religion, it serves to enslave most with what they are peddling. I scaled Christmas back 98%. Christianity… Please!

  • Andy Stanczak

    BS…..Liberal, Atheist, Blessed are Those Who Belive and have not seen…Jesus is the way and the light….80% plus illegitimatese rate in the Black Comunity. Blacks are 13% of the population, yet commit 52.3% of all Murders I. The U.S. Drug use is out of control. This is what the Devil wants, he’s dancing and singing with joy over this. Liberals have removed God from the public square and this is what has happened. Blessed be Jesus Christ, for he is the light and the way.