Colin Kaepernick Spent Team’s Bye Week Hosting a “Know Your Rights Camp”

Kaepernick with Ericka Huggins, former leading member of the Black Panther Party. via Mercury News

Instead of escaping to some luxurious vacation spot, Colin Kaepernick spent the team’s bye week in Oakland hosting a Know Your Rights camp.

The camp was attended by 100+ kids from roughly 19 organizations, Mercury News reports.

At the event, Kaepernick stated that “I know what my purpose is.” He added, “I know what my goal is. My conviction in that is strong enough that it doesn’t matter what anybody says because I know it’s right. And the fact that 100 kids would come out here on a Saturday morning, on their free time to do this, early in the morning, that shows that they believe in this, too.”

Kapernick and Bay Area radio legend Davey D

Kaepernick, his girlfriend, radio host Nessa Diab, and others reportedly planned the event months before Keap’s National Anthem protest. The camp consisted of a series of workshops and speakers selected by Kaepernick. They covered nutrition and health, financial knowledge, higher education options, law enforcement history and police interaction advice, also love for self and community.

One kid was so disappointed to see chicken nuggets on the list of bad foods. Another asked about establishing good credit early. At the end, one questioner asked Kaepernick why he doing this now, according to Mercury news.

The event t-shirt had 10 rights listed on the back. It was an homage to the Black Panther Party’s 10-point platform.

Students who attended also left with a certificate for free DNA testing to learn what their country of origin is, as well as a signed copy of Malcolm X’s autobiography.