Dominican Natural Hair Salon Redefining Beauty

Long hair that hangs down your back has so long been the idea standard of beauty in the Dominican Republic. Many residents who mastered hair-straightening on the island emigrated to the United States to open successful salons throughout the country.

The phrase “Dominican salon” is now synonymous with straightened hair, but Miss Rizos (located in Santo Domingo), has expanded that definition by catering to a audience that until fairly recently did not exist: Dominican women who want to retain their hair’s natural texture.

all-black-media-mizz-rizosThe salon is an outgrowth of a blog created by Carolina Contreras, 29, who decided to cut her chemically straightened hair. She began her journey by experimenting with natural recipes that kept her hair moisturized.

After raising $10,000 through an Indiegogo campaign, receiving donations from friends and using a majority of her savings, she opened the doors to Miss Rizos Salon.

The mantra at Miss Rizos is “Yo amo mi pajón,” or “I love my puffy, or Afro-like, hair.” It’s an attempt to aid in the discovery of the beauty in natural hair.

For those traveling to the Caribbean, be sure to book your appointment with Miss Rizos.